The #MouseDot Space Program for Kids

We have launched a project with the goal to have a small, but very interesting “Space Program” for kids up to the edge of 10-12 years. This program is called “MouseDot” and is intended to get the kids interested in space before all the “nice distractions” of life are starting to reach the kids. “Space” is the future of humankind – and the new space age is just beginning. Let your kids be prepared for the new space age and follow the adventures of our brave space explorer “Mausonaut” on Twitter:


On Twitter Mausonaut is reporting live about his space missions and their preparations. Hashtags are “#MouseDot” and “#MoonDot“.

You can also follow the adventures of Mausonaut in the blog:

 The latest spaceflight of Mausonaut was a 6-day mission flying around the Moon. Flying around the Moon was obviously the most impressive thing to happen during the mission called “MoonDot“. We were testing the features of the new spaceship of Mausonaut. Another highlight of the mission was a spacewalk (EVA) – the first ever spacewalk of Mausonaut. And this first EVA happened on the way to the Moon! Please enjoy a short summary of this mission here:

Thank you!


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