Kids n’ Space in Berlin

Well, this is a longer story after all but I will try to make it short: It seems to be that I was spreading some space fever during my visits of friends and their kinds. Thus, I received requests to visit schools and do the same there. After some initial hesitation I followed one of these request. In September 2014 I was the guest of the Europa school “Neues Tor” in Berlin and gave some introductions into space topics to some classes. One day one we were launching some small model rockets on the former Tempelhof airport. On the second day we had some indoor activities. We all had a lot of fun. In the following I will post some of my tweets from this event showing what we have done. Not that no children are allowed to be recognizable in the images due to legal issues. And here we go:

… to be continued … 😉

Many thanks to all the supporters: DLR_next, DLR_School_Lab Berlin, ESAOperations, ESAGaia, GaiaUB.
The videos with astronaut Alexander Gerst on-board the ISS were kindly provided by DLR_next.
Based on my request there was a special video produced with help of my friend Jan (Woerner, DLR boss ;-)) and a little bit myself) with the purpose to motivate kids for space topics. This video (in German) can be found here:

This has been made possible by Dr. Volker Kratzenberg-Annies (DLR_next) and this after hearing many answers like “Impossible”, “No” or at best “Maybe” in the months before from other persons. Almost nothing should be impossible, especially if it is something important for the kids of today. Many, many thanks. Danke.
Thanks also for the support on Twitter:


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