Short update about the Gaia commissioning

Image of cluster NGC 1818 taken by the Gaia satellite. (Source: ESA)

Image of cluster NGC1818 taken by the Gaia satellite. (Source: ESA)

ESA has published an update about the status of the commissioning phase for the Gaia satellite. The iterative process of the optimization of the spin rate, the alignment of the telescope mirrors and the focusing is ongoing. The calibration of the different instruments will also continue for a few more months. As part of the early calibration an (for Gaia) unusual operation mode was conducted by taking full images with the SM (Sky Mapper) CCDs. One of these images was published with the ESA article. It shows the star cluster NGC1818 in the Large Magellanic Cloud. Enjoy the article and the image at

A personal note: Sorry for not posting more often. This has two reasons: 1.) We are very busy with the commissioning work and its challenges, and 2.) We have to follow some rules for publishing info set by the Gaia Data Processing and Analysis Consortium (DPAC) and ESA.

Expect more news next week.

A recommendation: Follow @ESAGaia and @ESAScience on Twitter – there are almost daily updates available.


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