Gaia prelaunch press event at the Universitat de Barcelona


Jordi Torra (Universitat de Barcelona) introduces the Gaia mission to the representatives of the media.

Today a press event was held at the Universitat de Barcelona to prepare the Spanish and Catalan media for the launch of ESA cornerstone mission Gaia planned for December 19.  Jordi Torra of the Universitat de Barcelona introduced the journalists of television and print media to the mission outlining scientific, operational and technological details. The Spanish hardware contribution to the mission was explained by representatives of the participating companies SENER, Mier and GMV. After the official statements questions from the media were answered. Finally, interviews with Jordi Torra and Carme Jordi were conducted by members from different TV channels and print media.

An exhibition about the Gaia mission in front of the press conference room supported the purpose of the distribution of manifold information about the Gaia mission. Many posters about the misson, models of the satellite, its payload and the launcher Soyuz-Fregat (the latter build by me) provided an informative and visual supplement to the media event.

Please see a photo series about the event on the GaiaUB facebook page at:


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