Rockets, bees and a little bit of jungle …

This video shows the highlights from our first live transmission test of model rocket launches last Friday. We were using four different cameras to record the events. A laptop camera in combination with a normal mobile connection was used to transmit the data to a Livestream server ( This worked surprisingly without any issues. Another camera recorded lying on the ground within a distance of about 0.5 meters to the launch pad. It was this camera that recorded a bee escaping from the Soyuz rocket just in the moment when the engine was starting ( Then we used a Casio ZR-10 camera to capture the liftoffs and the landings. And finally a GoPro Hero 3 camera kindly provided by Kike Herrero of the SonCube project ( was used for some static highspeed footage of the launches ( Dani, Josep Manel and myself had a lot of fun despite the bad luck with the landing area of the Soyuz-Fregat rocket. This rocket will need some minor repairs but in a few days we will be ready to offer this service of launch transmissions whenever a teacher or scientist is giving classes or presentations about the Gaia satellite project. And finally a big thank you to all the supporters, especially from the GaiaUB team (


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